Invisible Braces or Clear Aligners

Today, more than ever, people are seeking out alternative options to traditional metal braces. With that in mind, Alpha Braces Orthodontics seeks to provide all of our patients with a number of different types of braces to best suit your individual lifestyle. Of all of our braces options, clear aligners are some of the most popular.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a series of invisible, removable and comfortable acrylic trays that straighten your teeth like braces. While most other types of braces are physically bonded to the teeth, clear aligners slide on over the teeth and can be removed with little effort. They must be worn 22-23 hours per day to effectively straighten teeth, but they can be removed during meals or to brush and floss.

How do Clear Aligners Differ from Other Types of Braces?

Almost Invisible

Unlike most other types of braces, clear aligners are  invisible, so you can smile with more confidence.

Brushing and flossing are less of a hassle

Brushing and flossing can become quite the chore if you have braces. Careful and thorough precision must be used to make sure food particles, plaque and tartar are consistently removed from the surface and in between teeth. Conversely, clear aligners make brushing and flossing a breeze. Just remove your aligners, brush, floss and then slide them back over your teeth.

No mouth abrasions

The metal brackets of traditional braces can sometimes cause canker sores or other oral abrasions inside the mouth. Clear aligners are very comfortable to wear, and since they don’t have any metal to rub the inside of your mouth, you won’t have to deal with any uncomfortable sores.


As mentioned above, clear aligners are not bonded to the teeth with bonding cement. Instead, they are completely removable, for easier brushing, flossing and eating during treatment.

No food limitations

Another thing that sets clear aligners apart from other types of braces, is there are no food limitations during treatment. While traditional metal braces don’t mesh well with foods like popcorn, caramels, and foods you have to bite into, like apples, clear aligners can simply be removed before eating a meal or snack.

Promotes healthier periodontal tissue

Sometimes traditional metal braces can cause inflammation of the gums, but clear aligners promote healthier periodontal tissue for braces wearers.

While clear aligners come with a host of benefits, there are a few things you should be aware of as well. Since clear aligners are not bonded to the teeth, you do run the risk of losing them during your treatment. They should be in your mouth the majority of the time, but be sure to carefully keep track of them when you do take them out. Additionally, although these braces are invisible, you will still experience minor tooth pain during the treatment process, as with all braces.

Are Clear Aligners Right for Me?

If your dentist recommends braces but you are dreading those metal brackets, clear aligners could be a way for you to straighten your teeth while still maintaining the cosmetic appearance you desire.

Before you decide on clear aligners, take some time to browse our website and learn about the other types of braces we offer here at Alpha Braces Orthodontics. Of course, we always recommend a sit-down meeting with our Orthodontist to discuss your options as well. Fill out our contact form online or call us today to schedule your visit with Dr Saurav Chaturvedi.

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